Pre marital counseling





Premarital Inventory

Invest in your Future



How well do you know each other? 

What are your relationship strengths? 

Are there areas you hope to grow it? 

Do you communicate well? 

Do you know how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner? 

What have you decided about financial management, child-rearing, household roles? 

How will family and friends fit into the picture?


Frequently, couples spend more time preparing for the wedding that for the marital relationship.  The average American couple will spend over $20,000 on their wedding day.  Only a small percentage invest even a fraction of that on premarital counseling.


About 54% of all first marriages end in divorce and 20% of those divorces occur within the first two years.  You will experience challenges and conflict in your marriage.  Be PREPARED to handle these times.  Learn to resolve conflict and grow together. The Prepare Inventories are designed to help couples get their marriage off to a better start.  You will deepen your intimacy and enrich your relationship.




SYMBIS Certified

A new and powerful Assessement

Can be used in addition to or as an Alternative to Preprare



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