Christ centered communications

Communication is the sucessful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.  While we all learn to talk at an early age, effective communication is a skill to be developed.  Less that 10% of what is we communicate is verbal.  Our body language and our tone of voice speaks volumes.  Effective communication involves listening as well as speaking.

Christ Centered Communication is a manner of speaking with others that conveys our truth in love. It is the appropriate expressions of feelings, understanding the difference between what we observe and what we might imagine or assume, and effectively and clearly identifying our needs and wants. 

Christ Centered Communications is a Psycho-educational approach to improving your skills in these areas.  It is offered on an a one to one basis in  Individual Counseling.  It is incorporated into Couples and Family Counseling.  It is extremely effective in Groups, whether it be on a corporate level or within a ministerial or non-profit group.



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